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Beef, it’s what’s for dinner! May 3, 2010

As a professional in the marketing industry, the following is something that I notice day in and day out, but for some reason today, I witnessed a whole advertisement campaign by coincidence.

This morning started habitual with my usual dose of JohnJay & Rich and drive to the office. While heading down the freeway, war of the roses was interrupted with a usual supply of commercials. Instead of switching over to a CD during the three minutes of ad time, for whatever reason I kept them subliminally playing in my ears.

The Fry’s grocery name filled my car along with an advertisement of their USDA choice steak. Just as these descriptive words entered my eardrums, in the corner of my eye was a billboard. Can you guess what it was for?

As I started my daily grinds on, I landed on the deals page. Deal of the day, you might ask? Well of course, Fry’s USDA choice steak.

With the mixture of the upbeat and branded Fry’s audio seen with a compelling visual of the product and later combined with an interactive online click through to their website, the advertisement was registered in my brain.

What some people may forget to realize is that marketing themselves in only one outlet is the same as pointing at a map of the world and randomly choosing a destination.

A marketing mix is necessary recipe that needs to be planned and researched. By targeting the correct audience, demographics and outlets, you will know where, when and how to devise a strategy that will benefit your business plan and enclose an end result with a customer purchasing your product.

So what am I having for dinner tonight? You got it – Fry’s USDA choice steak.


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